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Quotes This was the second time I went to this class. The first time they didn't tell me half of what you explained to us in this class. Thank you Mr. Virdel, good job, I appreciate it. See you again in 3 years, unless you take off to Florida. Clay Quotes
operator, flagger

Quotes glad now that i took your class, thank you for all the information. Your business should expand to the other kinds of construction because we need it. I paid attention because i can relate to what you said and it makes sense. i didnt hear a lot of this stuff last time i was in a flagging class. good job, class was good thanks. Marty Quotes
Marty Vander
recertifying flagger

Quotes Larry I have been through a lot of classes through the 30 years I have been in construction but I have to say I totally enjoyed and was very educational class that I think any body in the highway construction trade or utility trade should have to go through from CEOs to laborers so that all can understand. You teach a good course. I would just like to thank you even if I don?t get a job flagging I learned much. Timothy J. Short Quotes
Tim Short

Quotes When I signed up for your class I was there to be recertified, I had no idea what knowledge I would come out with , You changed the way I look at the work zone . you are all about safety and that cannot be stressed enough to us workers on the road we forget how important it is . I will recommend your class to all flaggers so we can all have the knowledge of a safer work zone.. Thank you for caring Quotes
cathy krainick
safer work zones

Quotes Larry, thanks for making it easy to understand. The last class I took it was like a cattle feed. They just rushed everybody thru the class. It's cool that you took time to make sure everyone understands what they should be doing and being safe. I'm going to tell other flaggers to take your course when they need to renew their card. Quotes
new old flagger

Quotes Thank you for the insight, I didn't know the rules had changed. And, I will read my driving manual next time! Good job and I'll tell my boss about your classes. Terry Quotes

Quotes Excellent instruction with a great mix of on the job experience and insight that you won't find in a training manual. A very high quality training experience, from a clearly seasoned instructor. This is the class you want. Quotes
Jim L
New to Flagging

Quotes Thank you for the great way you teach the class. You go over it and over it, thats the way I learn best. I really do get it better hearing it and watching the movie. Safety is number one in my world. I sincerely appreciate someone who can be straight about safety and the job and what really goes on out there. Believe it or not the way you did the class is something I will never forget. We would like to know when you will have another upcoming class? Please let us know. My wife is wanting to take the class this time. Sincerely, Greg Quotes

Quotes Good class. Time well spent. An eye opener for me. Thanks Larry. Quotes
flagging class

Quotes thanks for the helpful insight. I really didnt think much about flagging until i went to the class. i'll be really careful out there and i think alot more about the flagger i work with. sometimes u just have to see things from the other side to understand it and now i do. good luck, great class larry. Dan Quotes
another flagger

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