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Quotes My wife hates me now because now when we drive through someplace that has flaggers I point out what's wrong with it. Now I know how to do flagging the right way. Let me know if you are teaching the supervisor class because I want to take it from you. Stay safe. Curt Quotes
Curtis Evans

Quotes Larry I signed up for your flagger recertification class last October, don't know if you remember me but I wanted to say thank you for the talk about people walking and wheelchairs. Now I'm a lot more aware of more than just cars. My boss said he noticed i'm really aware of things too. He gave me a raise and made me their lead flagger now! Woohoo! I like my job more now and my boss said he's going to call you about getting his guys on the crews to take your class. I also waterproofed my boots like you told us about. Huge difference when it rains, thanks. Quotes
Lead Flagger

Quotes I'm glad I waited and took the flagger class from you. My gf took it from another company and she said it was totally boring. She said the guy just flew through everything like he didn't care. I learned a lot in your class and I appreciate it. Glad you really care about flaggers and what we do. A. Quotes

Quotes Thanks for the suggestions for gear. Having 2 of everything paid off the other night. Flashlight broke, pitch black, had a spare. If you hadn't suggested we carry spares, I would have been in a bad way. Thanks for the save. See u on the road. I already let 4 people know about your classes. I owe you. Pete Quotes
Pete aka roadrunner

Quotes Good class, thanks. D Quotes

Quotes Hey Larry, after I took the flagger class from you I look at construction totally diff. Now I see what you mean by using those formulas. I also had a chance to use some of the ways to measure how far cones should be spaced. WOW, IT WORKS! The guys on the crew thought i'd been doing it for a long time. Thanks dude. See ya in a couple of years. Quotes
Anthony "Tony" D.

Quotes I liked the way you showed examples about how to do different set-ups. That helped me alot. I'll let my friends know they should take your class. Class was fun too. Thanks. Quotes

Quotes Thanks for taking the time to thoroughly explain why some things are done. Now I know a lot more to be a safe Flagger. Kudos. Quotes
Re-certified Flagger

Quotes Great job, better than the other company I took my first class from. Keep it up! Quotes
Cynthia A.
Took the class!

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